Retired Products

About Retired Products

High Sierra Electronics, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing environmental monitoring systems for the protection of lives and property since 1992.  We are constantly upgrading and improving our products.  From time to time, our older products are superseded by newer designs or better technology.  We retire products from our manufacturing process.  If you find a product has been retired, contact us and we will help you identify a more appropriate modern solution using our current products.

Retired Products

Field Technician Decoder – Model 1001-00

The Field Technician Decoder – Model 1001-00 was designed to make the technician’s work in the field easier. Used in conjunction with a radio scanner and laptop computer, the Field Technician Decoder allows the technician to receive and display transmitted ALERT/IFLOWS gauge data on site.


  • Small and Light for Field Use
  • Internal Speaker
  • No External Battery Required
  • Make Field Technician’s Work Easier


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