Mobile Surface Sentinel Serial – 5436-15

The Mobile Surface Sentinel Serial – Model 5436-15 provides accurate surface temperature and air temperature, in real-time, from a moving vehicle to on-board vehicle controllers.


  • Fast Environmental Acclimation Rate
  • Integrate with Existing AVL Systems
  • Fully Sealed Weatherproof Design
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The Model 5436-15 Mobile Surface Sentinel – Serial provides accurate surface temperature and air temperature from a vehicle, in real-time. Serial data is made available from the included sensor cable. This allows connection to on-board vehicle controllers without the need for extra equipment. Robust materials are used, providing rapid temperature response rates to meet the demands of road weather management professionals.

The Mobile Surface Sentinel sensor is mounted to the front of the vehicle, pointed at the road surface, with the power and communication cable routed inside the vehicle. A weatherproof connector is provided near the sensor on the cable for easy wire routing and sensor maintenance. The sensor provides a user selectable RS-232 or RS-485 (streaming or polled) output for simple integration into new or existing Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) units.

The Mobile Surface Sentinel Model 5436-10 is available in a wireless configuration that communicates via Bluetooth to an in-cab LCD display.



Surface Temperature Range -40° to 185° F (-40° to 85° C)
Surface Temperature Accuracy ±1° at 32° F otherwise ±2° F (±0.5° at 0° C otherwise ±1° C)
Air Temperature Range -40° to 185° F (-40° to 85° C)
Air Temperature Accuracy ±0.45° F (±0.25° C) Typical
Field of View 10°
Measuring Area 1 ft (0.3 m) Diameter at 5 ft (1.5 m)
Measuring Range 1.5 to 15 ft (0.5 to 4.5 m)
Maximum Sensor Mounting Angle 0 to 10° from vertical
IR Sensor Emissivity 0.96
Sensor Sampling period 100 ms
Communications RS-232, RS-485 (streaming or polled)
Data Reporting Period ½ second
Operating Voltage 9 to 30 VDC, Reverse polarity protected
Average Power Consumption 0.1 Watts
Materials Hard Anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Plastic
Power Cable 16 ft (5 m), PUR jacket, 22 AWG
Operating Temperature -40° to 185° F (-40° to 85° C)
Operating Humidity 0 to 100% Relative Humidity
Dimensions 5.0 x 3.5 x 4.3 inch (12.7 x 8.9 x 10.8 cm)
Weight 1.5 Lbs (0.68 kg)
Shipping Weight 4 Lbs (1.8 kg)
Warranty 2 Years from date of shipment




Model 5436-15 Surface Sentinel Mobile Surface Temperature Sensor, Includes: 5436-15 sensor
Model 5436-61 MDU Vehicle 12 VDC Power Receptacle Cable
Model 5436-65 USB to serial cable with bare leads
Model 5436-70 Mobile Surface Temperature Sensor Universal Mounting Bracket (does not include sensor)
Model 5436-71 Mobile Surface Temperature Sensor Mirror and Bumper Mounting Bracket, includes u-bolts for mounting on mirror. (Does not include sensor)
Model 5436-73 Mobile Surface Temperature Sensor License Plate Mounting Bracket (Does not include sensor)




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Mobile Surface Sentinel – Model 5436-10

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  • Rapid environmental acclimation rate
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  • Fully sealed weatherproof design
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